Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes MOD APK Download 2022 v0.29.1089678 [God Mode, High Damage]

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK – The renowned Star Wars franchise is over, as are mobile devices. Choose a team that is powerful and unbeatable, and play on that team. Perform a task to earn experience points that you can use to improve a character’s battle skills. Each character has their own distinctive fighting skills, can explore a vast and open galaxy, discover and unlock distinctive characters, and engage in battle on the dark or light side. Make a wise decision if you want to decide the future of the universe!

Any gamer will be delighted with the stunning graphics of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Star Wars adventures, spaceships or characters will supposedly materialize before your very eyes. Therefore, you will certainly not be able to ignore what this game offers you. At the same time, each component is carefully designed and this game introduces new weapons.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK Information

Name Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes APK
Version 0.29.1089678
Worldwide downloads
platforms Android and IOS
root needed? Nope
put it on
Characteristic Free Upgrade, Free Shopping, Premium, Free Crafting, God Mode, Coins, Boosters, Unlocked, No Verification and No Ads


In the entertaining action game Star WarsTM: Galaxy of Heroes, players face brave and strong heroes. They will have the opportunity to fight many powerful enemies and show their leadership and fierce fighting skills. Explore the experience and find new and fun challenges here! Do not miss this captivating game if you are passionate about the dream of becoming a great hero and are admired by many people.

The game introduces players to the Holotable universe where they will engage in combat using the heroes and villains they have gathered from across the universe. Each hero and antagonist will appear as a card. Simply place the card on the Holotable before starting a battle and your character will instantly appear on the battlefield.

Star Wars MOD APK 1

Up to five different characters can be present at a player’s table. Each character possesses unique skills and abilities. This allows you to learn a variety of strategies and methods with various character sets. Each player will be given a certain amount of time to make their moves in turn-based combat.

Select a side and then face off against other players. Either the Light Side or the Dark Side will take over and rule the entire cosmos.

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Features of Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes MOD APK

Make smart and intelligent decisions

You must be intellectual and inventive, and constantly be on top of how to upgrade and upgrade your heroes so that they become more athletic and muscular, and have a chance to succeed in this game. Do not forget to give them the best body protection and sophisticated equipment to avoid damage to the lighter. Also, gaining access to new abilities is so crucial that you cannot ignore them. Your heroes will be able to perform more maneuvers, and as a result, they will have an abundant supply of energy. Become a psychological leader by learning how to better serve your co-workers.

Collect and regulate massive Shilts

It can be said that participating in ship wars is a delightful and enjoyable challenge. Many people enjoy it and find it to be of high quality, which makes it quite popular. Here, you can add new ships to your collection and a variety of roles for your war team. There will be talented and brave captains and sailors on every ship. To improve, give more power to your ships.

Description of the True and Amazing Image

You will get lovely and fantastic user interface with clear and realistic images of this game. Gamers become more captivated and enthusiastic when they notice the distinctive beauty of every little element on every graphical screen. Each character will be outlined with a unique face and shape for easy identification. The attractive and entertaining music that plays during the game is another important factor in its popularity.

Take part in challenge matches

As a tutorial, Galaxy of Heroes provides you with components that make it easy for you to access the game mechanics. The player just needs a little time to understand it because, at the same time, it’s not too difficult. Then, they will set off on their quest and explore the huge and impressive cosmos of the game. Relaxing, in order to progress through the game, they must constantly overcome the challenge. The game has the gameplay of a turn-based strategy game. Players will specifically participate in a match using the characters they own. You can choose from a variety of available attacks for each character to use against the enemy.
The person who simultaneously destroys the enemy troops wins the battle, gains experience and receives the necessary equipment to help him improve his character in the future. Every character in the game has two skills at the same time from the start. Each character has a different attack. Your team has a health meter and a mana bar to use your attack talents, which you will see as you play. Players must keep an eye on the game at all times and come up with practical strategies to get through each stage.

Star Wars MOD APK 2

Succeed in difficult problems

Turn-based play is included in the game, as already described. To explore the game and get the necessary supplies, you will participate in many levels. There will be more than one small match in each stage that you need to take part in. The left side of the screen shows how many rounds you have to complete. You could accidentally lose in the first round if you don’t time correctly throughout each match. The game allows you to interact with a wide variety of personalities, but integrating them into the group is not always easy.

This technique ingredient is comparable to the gacha process in that you have to use a game to perform this action. This technique induces both excitement and restraint because very skilled and powerful characters are not always possible. Also, you’ll need to strengthen your team if you don’t quickly advance to the higher ranks. In this game, you will be in control of multiple characters, and each one has two skill options. You will need to invest a lot of resources and experience to level up additional skills if you want to unlock them. These abilities will unlock automatically after certain requirements are met.

Research super champion abilities

Investigate the abilities of our super champions. The game also has some super champions that everyone wants to have on their teams in addition to the regular characters and units. That said, these special heroes have deadly and unstoppable attacks or talents that can radically alter the course of a battle. You might have access to things like Darth Vader’s Force Crush or Luke Skywalker’s Destined Strike, etc. You can be the most powerful commander in the universe.

Explore the Star Wars universe

The game introduces players to the vast Star Wars universe, where you can visit multiple worlds at once. Discover yourself in strange and exotic places that have never been explored. dealing with some of the most vile and dangerous enemies in the world of Star Wars.

Engage in epic turf wars and fearsome boss battles.
You can also engage in various challenging boss battles throughout the game with your Holotable squad. Make sure you devise effective methods and combat them skillfully to prevail and acquire your bountiful prize.

Additionally, huge territorial conflicts are covered in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, allowing players to enjoy epic real-time strategy games right on their mobile devices.

Star Wars MOD APK 3

free to use

Currently, all players can enjoy the game for free. So you don’t need to spend anything to upload it to your mobile devices. However, you may want to choose something else if you find in-app and in-game purchases a bit difficult.

New usable using our mods

That said, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players can fully control the game thanks to our patched version. As a result, you can enjoy ad-free gameplay, make a number of in-app purchases without paying, and most importantly, get rid of the annoying cooldown timer. To start playing, simply download and install our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK.

How to install Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes MOD APK on Android?

First of all, please uninstall any previous version of this game from your Android device.

1. Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK from the download link given above.

If your device doesn’t allow you to install it, make sure you allow the installation of apps from third-party sources in Android settings.

2. Follow all the instructions and you are ready to enjoy the amazing features of this app.

How to install Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes MOD APK on PC?

it is very easy to play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes MOD APKs on your computer. There are many Android emulators on the market that you can use to play this app on your PC.

  1. First of all, Download Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC.
  2. Download the MOD APK from the download button shown above.
  3. Open the MOD APK with your Android emulator (Bluestacks) and install the app.
  4. Follow all the instructions provided in the app and you are ready to enjoy the amazing features of this app.

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes FAQ

Can you play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on PC?

ELECTRONIC ARTS created the role-playing game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. For an immersive gaming experience, BlueStacks app player is the best choice to run this Android game on your PC or Mac. Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on PC and compete against other teams to become the ultimate hero. of the galaxy.


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