Rolling Sky MOD APK Download 2022 v3.5.7 [Unlimited Balls, Shields]

The objective of the immensely popular game Rolling Sky (MOD, Unlimited Balls/Shields) is to spend your ball from the beginning to the end of the platform, which is hanging in the air. This requires care and prudence. using the smartphone’s accelerometer to control.

Any fan of weird puzzles will be captivated by the abundance of dazzling jobs and locations. He tries to make him fall to the bottom avoiding all the barriers in his way. Test your reactions and reflexes as far as possible, score many points, and beat your friends’ records.

Rolling Sky APK Information

Name Rolling Sky APK
Version 3.5.7
Size 85Mb
Worldwide downloads Yes
platforms Android and IOS
root needed? Nope
put it on
Characteristic Free Upgrade, Free Shopping, Premium, Free Crafting, God Mode, Coins, Boosters, Unlocked, No Verification, and No Ads


As noted above, the only requirement of the game is that you direct the ball along a straight path. But that is not all; You will also have to overcome some obstacles along the way. Make sure you stay on the right track by avoiding the barriers that stand in your way.

You can tell the ball to do a variety of things with simple touch controls, including jumping, dodging, turning left and right, collecting diamonds, and more.

Along the route, you will have the opportunity to listen to exciting music because the game is actually a rhythm game. As you avoid obstacles and carry your ball to victory, follow the rhythm.
A nice ball game and music are combined in Rolling Sky.

The gameplay is comparable to Ketchapp’s Balls Race. You will control a ball rolling down a path in the game and your goal is to prevent the ball from falling down. In an abstract setting, the path is made up of 3D musical notes that are colored. You just need to touch the screen with your finger to move your ball in the desired direction and away from obstacles.

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Rolling Sky MOD APK Features

Get new music tracks as you go

While going through the game’s vast musical compositions, players will have the opportunity to listen to songs from a variety of music genres. So you can enjoy the addictive game of Rolling Sky while listening to your favorite music, no problem. As you navigate the obstacles, keep up the pace. Also, new music tracks will automatically update with new versions of the game, as will new maps.

Discover a variety of fun settings

Also, Cheetah Games designers allow players to add various settings to their games to make them more attractive. Despite this, you can quickly modify the appearance of the ball by choosing from a wide variety of customizations. Make your balls look more interesting instead of just plain steel balls.

Maps can also be modified to increase their difficulty and addictiveness. Live completely renewed experiences changing between several styles. Even the visual effects, such as the ball running or hitting barriers, can be customized. Play Rolling Sky however you want.

Rewarding gameplay with worthwhile rewards

Rolling Sky is one of the few Android games that truly cares about its players, unlike most bloodthirsty games on the market. In light of this, you will have the opportunity to gain free access and possession of important items.

For starters, you can unlock your daily incentives by playing regularly and being active. The best prizes you receive will depend on how often you play. The game also includes certain exciting events that are shown to players at random. Last but not least, even routine quests can be very lucrative if you know how to use them to your advantage.

Complete exciting tasks

Complete exciting tasks and achievements. In addition to the campaign mode, Rolling Sky players can challenge themselves through challenges and achievements. Complete them to get priceless and unique things. Enjoy playing the game in a whole new way.

Enjoy the beautiful song

It would be a serious mistake to talk about Rolling Sky without mentioning the music. The best EDM songs that are currently playing are combined with the levels of the game to give you a fantastic experience. Developers can also make players happy by using properly selected music. However, the music in the game can divert your attention.

When the music is wonderful and unfortunately your ball can’t get around the obstacles on the way, you will be really disappointed. But that doesn’t really make me feel bored; On the contrary, it motivates me to play more carefully and avoid making the same mistakes I always do.

Set new benchmarks

The record you have set in the game will be saved. This raises the bar for competition in Rolling Sky by encouraging players to try and break their record. And you will constantly strive to set new benchmarks that others will not be able to beat. Then you can challenge your friends by posting your score history on social media.

captivating games

Discover captivating online games. Also, Rolling Sky offers exciting online action where you can compete with the best players from all over the world if you are tired of offline games. Start by fighting for them on the leaderboards. Compete for the top positions in the ranks and get abundant rewards.

Or you can link the game to your social media accounts and see which of your friends are participating in it. Set the highest records for various levels to compete with them. Let them see who is the real leader in this game.

free to use

Also, Rolling Sky is still a free game despite all its fascinating features. This means that you can always download and install it on your mobile devices. However, making in-app purchases can drastically hinder your progress.

play forever

With our mods, you can play forever. You will certainly find our tweaks useful if you are annoyed by in-app purchases and ads. Having said that, our game offers fun mods that allow players to amass an endless supply of cash and bonuses. As a result, you can get amazing ball customizations or progress through challenging stages without spending a fortune.

Graphic and audio quality

Compared to other games of a similar nature, Rolling Sky offers players a radically improved experience thanks to its amazing 3D graphics. Every one of your actions is incredibly believable due to realistic physics. Epic visual effects also help you experience the intensity.

thought control

Take control of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. In Rolling Sky, the player must be alert to one or two upcoming obstacles moving in the direction of his ball. This indicates that the player has the ideal opportunity to practice the concept of future planning. Even if the future you are considering is extremely near and immediate, it is still a practice to look beyond the present. They will react more slowly when they see an impediment if they choose not to use this thinking skill and instead focus on where the ball is at the moment. This will result in more collisions, broken balls, and broken hearts.

They will still need to move quickly and may crash regularly even as they think ahead and wait to see what dangers present themselves. However, the player can use this as an opportunity to practice another aspect of self-control: controlling their anger and disgust.


The soundtrack for a rhythm-based racing game like Rolling Sky should be a key consideration. Knowing this, the designers at Cheetah Games have incorporated a host of exciting tracks from a well-known artist. Players also have access to new soundtracks created by the renowned Alan Walker thanks to recent updates.

Simple game customizations

The developers of the game have given you the option to customize. Instead of using regular steel, you can use another ball of your choice and modify the appearance. You can apply multiple maps as well as alter tracks and obstacles. You have full control over customization, so you can make whatever changes you want to the game. The newest version of the game Rolling Sky Mod APK unlimited keys provides the option to customize the appearance.

Receive endless balls

Without spending any money, you can play the game and get endless balls. In Rolling Sky Mod APK Shopping Free Download, you can acquire multiple extra balls for free if you accidentally leave the game. You can also buy balls in a variety of designs and colors. Even better, you can modify it. Everything here is designed with you in mind. So hurry up and take advantage of the simple game.

Advance through levels

No doubt a player will feel angry, frustrated, or both after colliding with the same barrier repeatedly or even after colliding at the 10 percent mark just after colliding at the 50 percent mark. If they let their feelings take over, they will get edgy and nervous and crash even worse. Staying calm and in control is the only way to progress through each level and eventually finish it.

How to install Rolling Sky MOD APK on Android?

First of all, please uninstall any previous version of this game from your Android device.

1. Download Rolling Sky MOD APK from the download link given above.

If your device doesn’t allow you to install it, make sure you allow the installation of apps from third-party sources in your Android settings.

2. Follow all the instructions and you are ready to enjoy the amazing features of this app.

How to install Rolling Sky MOD APK on PC?

it is very easy to play Rolling Sky MOD APKs on your computer. There are many Android emulators on the market that you can use to play this app on your PC.

  1. First of all, Download Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC.
  2. Download the MOD APK from the download button shown above.
  3. Open the MOD APK with your Android emulator (Bluestacks) and install the app.
  4. Follow all the instructions provided in the app and you are ready to enjoy the amazing features of this app.


Is Rolling Sky a good game?

Overall Rolling Sky is a great game. The soundtrack is exceptional and the 3D graphics are lovely. Platforms are useful to avoid boredom and offer a little challenge. On Switch, it doesn’t feel as nice, hence the mobile version is preferred.


We hope you find this article informative and useful. If you do, be sure to check out the other apps we’ve posted on our site. APKWICK. Many thanks.

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