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My Little Universe MOD APK – In the game My Little Universe (MOD, Unlimited Resources), you can create your own planet and take on the role of God. Grab a pickaxe or an ax and start collecting valuable materials, but remember that to develop new islands, you will also need a wide variety of fossil metals in addition to wood and stones.
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My Little Universe MOD APK – In the game My Little Universe (MOD, Unlimited Resources), you can create your own planet and take on the role of God. Grab a pickaxe or an ax and start collecting valuable materials, but remember that to develop new islands, you will also need a wide variety of fossil metals in addition to wood and stones.

You can establish companies and fill vacant islands as you create new cities. Protect your planet from adversaries who frequently harm civilians.

My Little Universe APK Information

Name My Little Universe APK
Version 1.21.2
Worldwide downloads
platforms Android and IOS
root needed? Nope
put it on
Characteristic Free Upgrade, Free Shopping, Premium, Free Crafting, God Mode, Coins, Boosters, Unlocked, No Verification and No Ads


You will start on a planet in the universe with the task of creating your own cosmos. There will be resources for you to start mining on the surface of the earth. Various constructions can then be built using these resources. Develop continents with lots of modern technology to help you from there. Establish a new civilization at a speed you have never experienced. Move to another planet after the one in your charge has achieved perfection. Keep traveling until all areas have seen your footprints. Create your own contemporary and expanding cosmos.

My Little Universe MOD APK 1

Remember that occasionally free mined minerals will be available. In other words, you don’t need to invest time or money to mine. There is a lot of support for the rapid progress they are building. Your ambitions will expand faster the more you play.

A simple sandbox game for Android devices is called My Little Universe (MOD, Unlimited Resources). where the player must design and participate in the development of his perfect planet. Create more fresh land plots as the game progresses, search for valuable resources, and do not get involved in combat with archaic monsters. The game’s cutting-edge visuals, easy controls, and wide range of levels and settings ensure you won’t get bored.

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Features of My Little Universe MOD APK

Rich configuration for you to discover

Ten different environments of various charming colors have been created. The natural environment, rocky environment, earth, etc. are all included in this. Additionally, each environment type will offer a wide variety of resources, each with unique properties. For example, the natural environment has a high concentration of timber resources, while the terrestrial environment is more likely to have stone and gold resources. The remaining builds are more likely to have other rare and valuable resources.

Starting in the natural environment, you will then explore to increase your territory and open up other habitats with a wider variety of resources. When enough resources have been gathered in each natural field, a new plot will be opened. In each new area, there will be a lot of new resources for you to research and produce original things for your universe. You will gradually accumulate a variety of various materials and build your own universe.

Face different types of enemies

Primitive beasts are the main dangers you can encounter on resource mining expeditions. They will appear sporadically in large numbers in a variety of environments. As they mine ores, they will rush to attack you, so be careful. You will find eight different creatures, such as snowmen, alien mushrooms, swordsmen, huge ants, etc. Also, you will have to fight huge beasts with extraordinary strength. You must face the enemy every time he arrives if you want to survive.

Weapon Manufacturing

You will eventually be able to explore new settings, new regions and civilizations in various stages of development. After that, the facilities will also be available for you to use as a place to build and manage resources. Smelting metal or transforming minerals to make certain tools or accessories that improve your mining capacity. In combat, certain weapons will increase your damage output.

active planet

Discover a compact but active planet. At the beginning of My Little Universe, a man riding a rocket crashed and was injured at an unidentified location. There is no other option but to escape, which needs resources. The designers gave the main character a pickaxe and a hammer to make his life easier. You require a specific amount of this or that resource to move to the next area of ​​the place. In some cases, the diversity of minerals available can be confusing. You will be fully oriented once you have played the game for a while. You will come across foundries during your journey to melt metal. This is a fantastic opportunity to get the required resource, but you’ll have to give up another type of metal to do so. Remember that you still have to overcome obstacles and enemies to reach the company.

My Little Universe MOD APK 2

15 different types of resources

Players of My Little Universe must collect 15 different types of materials. Because resources are both common and rare, use them carefully. The latter are less frequent, so it is important to take into account each metallic unit. Also, it is a challenge to identify its type accurately. There are gold coins, gold bars, wood, diamonds, other types of stones and other types of minerals that are difficult to define. Get the right species from the right kind of materials, like wood, stone, etc. When mining, use an ax instead of a pickaxe.

8 different types of enemies

You would be sorely mistaken if you believed that the focus of My Little Universe was on the methodical and steady development of the base and the planet. After all, cunning mafias often try to change all your plans. There are eight different types in the project, as far as we can tell. They can occasionally protect really important items, like forge, but they also randomly place themselves on the map. More precisely, the game features dangerous snowmen, ancient ants, strange mushroom enemies, and common goblin-like minions. Choose an ax to use as a defense weapon. The opponent is easily defeated with a few hits. However, remember that your vitality is also restricted, so you could die.

pickaxe and bomb ax

Here, we’ll talk about one of the fundamental gameplay mechanics of My Little Universe: pumping up your tools. At the beginning of the game, you can receive the typical tools, but as time goes on, more and more resources will become available, making pumping crucial. For example, a second-tier ax allows you to remove not one, but two resources in one hit. The Enhanced Pickaxe uses the same methodology and increases your ability to damage enemies. It is important to note that although this change is very expensive, it is certainly worth it.

Tools use

Each of the gods has a unique weapon that serves as an indelible representation of them. Your weapon, which is the life-giving pickaxe, is something else you have. You can get an incredible amount of work done with its help. But you must upgrade if you want this device to work more productively and beyond its capabilities. Use the tools at your disposal to complete this vital task. You can see it change as you progress through the eight levels. Gain ever-increasing levels of power and agility to seize larger quantities of materials. substantially speeds up the process of creating new worlds.

Upgrade your equipment

Neptune has his trident, Thor has his destructive hammer, and Captain America has an impenetrable shield. Your builder hero in this game will be equipped with a powerful pickaxe! He will employ it in battle, breaking rocks, digging for gold, cutting down trees, mining for minerals, and other activities. Upgrade the special ax through the eight different levels to increase your heavenly performance.

Various Levels

As civilization develops under your watchful eye, you will be able to modify your base and add new amenities. In addition, you will be able to create eight other types of weapons that will help you in your divine tasks, such as an ax with eight advance stages and a special Excalibur sword that will scare the blasphemous opponents of your enemies.

My Little Universe MOD APK 3

A vast universe of games

You can explore, mine and build the planet in 10 different types of locations in the game when you play My Little Universe. You will create a considerable gaming environment as you move towards creating your utopian world. As you walk through the environment, monsters such as alien enemies, mushrooms, creepy snowmen and other cruel creatures may try to prevent you from achieving your divine ambitions.

Tap to play and basic controls

The movement of the characters within the game area is controlled by simply sliding your finger in the desired direction. To complete all construction tasks, just tap the screen several times.

Construction Works

You will first need only the most basic tools to find your own plants. Keep a close eye on everything and start mining. Create new industrial facilities and expand existing ones. Industrial factories sprung up and began to create additional impossible dreams. Help make your planet more alive and active. Create a civilization under the direction of the player. starting with easy tasks and working my way up. Cut trees, mine metals and collect wood…

Several photos demonstrate how the planet’s space has changed over time. Now there will be busy roads, factories and factories in an area that was previously covered with forests. Create residential regions and perform many more actions to make the planet more advanced.

How to install Farming Simulator 14 MOD APK on Android?

First of all, please uninstall any previous version of this game from your Android device.

1. Download Farming Simulator 14 MOD APK from the download link given above.

If your device doesn’t allow you to install it, make sure you allow the installation of apps from third-party sources in Android settings.

2. Follow all the instructions and you are ready to enjoy the amazing features of this app.

How to install Farming Simulator 14 MOD APK on PC?

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  1. First of all, Download Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC.
  2. Download the MOD APK from the download button shown above.
  3. Open the MOD APK with your Android emulator (Bluestacks) and install the app.
  4. Follow all the instructions provided in the app and you are ready to enjoy the amazing features of this app.

Farming Simulator 14 FAQ

Is My Little Universe on PC?

With a keyboard and mouse, you can control your game like an expert. MEmu offers you everything you could wish for. Play My Little Universe by downloading it. Play for as long as you want without worrying about battery life, mobile data, or annoying calls.

How many levels does My Little Universe have?

There are eight levels in My Little Universe. Upgrade it through eight stages to increase your divine output and gather more resources so you can continue building.


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